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6.4L and getting rid of the junk in the trunk

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I KNOW alot of the people around here are avid 7.3L fans but surely SOMEONE has picks and a write-up on what they did to get the DAMN DPF outa there.

ANYBODY wanna trash that thing and let that 6.4L BREATHE or did everyone have to take a second loan on there home to afford it LOL:bow:. and if you paid cash for it then SCREW warranty......come one lets get them things RUNNIng:fordoval:
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too bad nate wont post here..he prolly knows more about the 6.4 than most.
i know someone who just got the superchip and he said he's getting almost 16 mpg's on 35's.
have you dyno'd it? what does it run on the track?
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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