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Hello All, I hope this is in the right place forgive me if I made a mistake. First forum post. As a back ground, I drive a 09 f250 6.4L. Had it tuned moderately (120 HP) for the past 30,000 or so. 130k on the truck, original tranny. I have maintained factory recommended tranny service on the “extreme use” recommended intervals. I am currently in auto tech school and have been struggling with this in my auto trans class.

truck flares and will hardly shift from 3-5. Reverse is shaky and intermediate.
have a shift solenoid d code (P0766 and P2703)

reverse was a little shaky for about 5k before it got bad. Same with 3-5 shift on heavy throttle. When it finally threw the code I was hauling an empty enclosed trailer (16 ft) and threw a fuel pressure below desired code. Pulled over, cleared the code and changed out of my tow tune into my street tune thinking that could have been my fuel issue. Immediately getting on the interstate had a hard shift and went into limp mode. I had about 300 miles until I got home but I limped it back with intermittent 5th.

when I got home I took it to the shop, replaced shift solenoid D with a used one from the tranny I was building for it, replaced filter and fluid and cleared the codes. Fluid did not smell or look burnt and I had a normal amount of shavings on my pan magnet. I also took the time to pressure test and all my pressures seemed to be In spec. Same issues and codes remain.

If my trans is shot, it’s not the end of the world as I am building one for it now, however it’s kicking my tail. Too big and complex for my first one. My truck has been down for about 6 months now, and I really need it back. Any input or advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I sent Mark Kovalsky a very similar message privately about this as well but thought I would open it up for anyone’s input too. Thanks you!
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