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welcome to the site.

Best place to start is the library, The after market performance section will have things like wheel/tire/lift threads, dpf delete threads, tuner threads, and any other performance related threads, please check them first as we will try and keep the information up to date to save from repeat "which tuner" threads we already have alot of

[6.4L - Aftermarket Performance] - Powerstroke Nation

The techinical section will have trouble codes, and any other problematic, or factory ford information that you might need.
[6.4L - Technical Info] - Powerstroke Nation

If you have anything you want to check out in the aftermarket and performance side of the 6.4s check out this forum first.
6.4L Power Stroke - Aftermarket Performance - Powerstroke Nation

If you have technical questions or information post them here, this will pertain to most of the stuff that came factory on your 6.4
6.4L Power Stroke - Technical Info - Powerstroke Nation


One of the most used/needed threads to look at is the tuner thread, it is updated from time to time and should have the latest tuner info, we keep the thread open add the latest tunes ect to the forum.

6.4 Tuner/DPF thread - Powerstroke Nation

I am also going to add a suspension thread where you can post pictures of your truck, post the lift/lower size of your truck, what size/brand of wheels/ offset/ as well as tire size ect.

2008-2010 suspension/wheel and tire thread - Powerstroke Nation

If there is anything that needs to be added to the library let me know and i will add it, just shoot me a pm and i will fix it.
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