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Hey all. I'm new to the site and in need of some advice if anyone cares to chime in on this. I have a 2010 F350 with a 6.4 with 120,000 miles on the body (only about 40,000 on a new engine), H&S tuner, 4-5" open exhaust and CAI. The truck also has an 8" lift and 38" tires with traction bars and 4.56 gears. I live in Portland, OR but recently started a job in the Denver area of Colorado. Driving the truck here I was pulling a toy hauler at about 10,000 pounds and doing just great for most of the trip. I don't know if this is related or not but I'll preface the description of my problem by stating that while crossing the mountains in Vail, CO at about 11,000 ft the truck went really hot and I had to pull over and cool off. This was in air temperatures just over freezing. Coolant was about about 227, and tranny was about about 240...that's the hottest I've ever see the truck get. It de-fueled and the fan kicked in for several miles of hard pulling. I did my best to keep EGT at no more than 1150 but had to take the tuner down to "stock" settings and really limit how hard I stood on the pedal. Anyhow, it made it over the hill and all seemed well afterwards.

Now in Denver and the truck feels different and I'm not sure if it's only the elevation or if something is broken. My peak boost readings are all over the place and the truck blows a lot of smoke on initial acceleration...much more than it ever has. It's not an alarming amount, probably comparable to running a lot of "low boost fueling" on higher power levels but the smoke seems to be the same amount no matter what power level and it only changes a little bit when I change the low boost fueling levels. This is way different then it was before this trip, it used to be very slight amounts of smoke unless I turned up the low boost fueling. Boost levels are odd and inconsistent as well. No matter what power level I try I do not get more than 33 pounds and even that is rare with boost peaking at about 27 most of the time. I've seen folks on multiple sites saying that they are consistently pushing well in excess of 44 pounds which really has me wondering what is going on. The truck is way down on power now. Before this trip the truck would, on occasion, break the tires loose and keep them spinning for about as long as you wanted them to. chance at all under any power level. Also, economy is way down. I used to get 17 mpg or more running unloaded on the freeway. I'm getting about 14 mpg now.

Other than the what I've described the truck runs and drives just fine. No odd sounds and now check engine lights. I've looked all over for air leaks on the intercooler boots but haven't found anything yet. I'm building a device to pressurize the intercooler for a more efficient means of testing but I'm skeptical. I've also considered a problem with one of the turbos....possibly a problem with the variable geometry system but unsure of how to test it or what to look for. The EGR valve and cooler are still in place but deactivated using the tuner. The truck is under warranty but since I've removed the exhaust emissions and tuned all that out with the tuner I'm concerned they won't even touch it, and my factory exhaust is back in Oregon at my home.

Looking back on my trip over Vail I'm not sure if the engine heat caused a failure somewhere, or perhaps the heat was a symptom of a bigger problem. Sad to say I was the slowest truck crossing the mountain that day. Thoughts? Thanks.
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