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FREETOWN - The first tractor and truck pull will be at 7 p.m. Friday in Freetown.

Weigh-in starts at 6 p.m., and proceeds go toward the Amanda Stahl Scholarship Fund.

For tractors, the following will be featured: (those marked with * are paid classes)

-*Farm Stock 11,500-15,000: 8 and 12 MPH and open MPH; 3,000 RPM limit; 20-inch hitch height
-*Pure Farm 11,500-15,000: Open MPH; all-stock appearance; working PTO; hydraulics
-*Run what you bring: Natural Aspirated 12,500
(20.8x38 tire limit and no cut tires for all classes)

For trucks, the following will be featured:

-*8,500 diesel 4x4 2.6 or smaller inducer street stock: DOT tires and licensed; truck can have ladder bars, hanging weights, single charger, single fuel pump; no spray
-*8,500 open diesel truck
-Run what you bring: Bragging rights only

Contacts are as follows: Tractors-Clinton Walls (812) 530-6456, Jerry Walls (812) 525-9261; Trucks-Justin Trueblood (812) 216-3544, Wes Barberry (843) 991-5597.
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