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Hey guys this is my first time here I figured I’ve give this a shot because I’m running out of idea on where to look.

So my problem is, the truck will start every time when it’s cold, sometime it’ll take a sec or 2 longer then usual but will start runs great no miss fire no rough idle I let it warm up to it’s temperature and everything is fine I can do what I need to do and I won’t have problem as long as I don’t shut it off.

If I do shut it off, it will no fire back up until it cools back down.

I’ve replace every o-ring on the oil system (turbo, HPOP, Stand pipe, Dummy plug, injector, even the nipple cup ones ) and still to this point it won’t fire back up if it’s warm. I’m not sure where else to look for a leak. If someone could help me out that’d be great thanks.
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