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Here is a simple write-up on how to change the fluid in your transfer case. In my Ford manual, it is recommended to change the fluid every 60K miles, and to inspect the fluid level every 20K miles. My dealer and manual said it was best to use Mercon ATF, but synthetic fluids could be used too. It is best to do this when the truck is warm because the fluid will flow out easier. Just don't burn yourself :D. Here are the materials you will need:

-3 quarts of Mercon ATF (My truck took about 2.3 quarts)
-Socket wrench
-10mm hex socket
-Oil catch pan
-Funnel, fluid extractor

Here is what I used...

The first step is to place your catch pan under the transfer case and open the bottom drain plug. I also removed the fill plug at this time. Here is the transfer case:

Here is the fluid draining. This fluid doesn't look bad.

After the fluid is all drained, put the drain plug back in and tighten it. To put the fluid in is kind of challenging because there isn't much room. You can try a funnel but I just used a little squirt cap. Fill it up (about 2.3 quarts) until the fluid is level with the top fill plug hole. I filled mine until it ran over a little to make sure it was full. Then retighten the fill plug.

Finally I drove around the block once and checked for any leaks. Good luck :D
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