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We have 6.0 t4 mount kits ready to ship. They retain the stock downpipe location when using the S300 turbos. We will have the S400 downpipes ready to go soon.
The kits are built of all 304ss and have properly welded pipes that are fully TIG welded and back purged during welding.

The basic mount will include the pedestal, collector with bellowed up-pipes, oil supply and drain flanges, oil supply and return lines and hardware for installation.

We can couple these with an S362 turbo with T4 housing of your choice or with our BASB custom turbo built by Bell Turbo that flows 1200cfm but will still spool way faster than a standard 66 while outflowing it by 100cfm.

Please PM us or check our web store for pricing!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts