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It’s 04-04 truck runs excellent with snap on Zeus
All at idle in park
Ficm 47.5 13.5v
Ipc 848.3 psi 1.11v
Ipr 27%
Map psi 14
Baro 30.1 inHg
Ebp 16.9 psi 1
FICM Sync yes
Cmp fault no

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We just took delivery of our Zeus today. I only used the scope so far.

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I have a 2004 F250 6.0. Has Mishimoto rad, 5 inch turbo-back exhaust and higher flow air intake. No EGR delete or anything else that I know of.

I suddenly lost all throttle response, but only while in gear. The accelerator pedal still works while in park and neutral, but responds much slower. After getting it fully warmed up, the throttle will work a little. I can slowly gain some speed with the accelerator floored, but it runs very rough and has barely any power.

I have recently performed a complete coolant flush, tightened the power steering gear, flushed the power steering and brakes and the truck ran fine until about a week later when the throttle issue started.

I removed the exhaust back pressure sensor and pipe and cleaned the very little carbon that was present. Removed and cleaned the MAP sensor tube and that was clean as well. I removed the EGR valve and cleaned the very small amount of carbon buildup and replaced the gasket and o-rings. The valve was a little wet, rather than dry carbon.

Here are the figures I have so far:

Ficm main power: 48.0 off---48.5 running

Ficm logic power: 11.5-12.0 off--13.5-14.0 running

Exhaust Back Pressure: 15.0 at idle, up to 40 at high rpm.

Manifold Absolute Pressure:12.6-higher with rpms

Injector Pressure Regulator Duty Cycle: 28.5-30.4

Variable Geometry Turbo Duty Cycle: 75% at idle. 0 at koeo. After EGR valve o-rings and gasket replacement---79-80%.

Injection Control Pressure Voltage: .84 at idle. 2v at 2200 rpm. After EGR valve o-rings and gasket replacement---1.09-1.29 at idle

Voltage Reference: 4.96 at idle and throttle

EGR Valve Position Desired: 9-11% at idle. 25-40% at 2500 ish rpm. After EGR valve o-rings and gasket replacement---0 at idle.

EGR Throttle Position Signal: 1-3% at idle, 20 at 2200 rpm. After EGR valve o-rings and gasket replacement---0 at idle.

Bst:.3-1.2 only 12.6 at 3500 rpms. Most when driving was 20psi

I'd rather not bring it to a dealer and just do it myself if possible. I sincerely appreciate any wisdom you could impart upon this newb.

Thank you
Did you find the issue I have same problem. Install map, Ipr, Icp, egr valve and still no acceleration in gear. Sometimes it works but most time won’t.
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