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2005 6.0- starting taking long to crank. eventually needed ether to start. changed IPR- still needed ether. bypassing ICP- still nothing. changed oil pressure sensor, no need for ether but takes long to start. pushed 15-20lb of PSI and blew the boot, oil spitting out (yes the boot was tightened down) still starts but takes long to start. 204,000 miles (work truck)
mechanic thought it might’ve been injector orings. let me know what you guys think.

snap on had all perfect ranges
ficm 49.00
ipr new
icp tried bypassing

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Stop destroying the engine with the ether. Have the high pressure oil system diagnosed by someone that knows what they’re doing. You likely have insufficient pressure to run the injectors. What are the codes that are stored?

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Instead of saying things are in perfect ranges, please post the actual numbers. Afterall, if you took the truck to a mechanic and told him that the readings were perfect and not to look at them, he probably would send you on your way.

Is the oil level good (not over or under filled)?
Fuel level over 1/4 full?
No gasoline smell to the fuel?
What grade of oil are you using and how long has it been since you changed oil?
Are you using OEM oil and fuel filters?
Is your oil filter cap an OEM cap?

When cranking, please post:
FICM sync
ICP volts
ICP desired
ICP pressure
IPR % duty cycle
Fuel Pulse Width
EOT (oil temperature)
Also - does oil pressure register on the dash gauge when cranking (might take up to 10 seconds of cranking)?

You might look into doing an injector bubble test also.

Lastly, fyi only, the oil pressure sensor has absolutely NOTHING to do with starting.
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