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So a nother great deal off of EBAY bit me in the ass again :doh: Thought I got a great deal on a new International IPR # 1878629C91, I thought a 6.0 IPR was the same from 03-07:doh: I have a 03 and after about a 1/2 hour of cussin that dam thing I got it out only to find out the new one is not correct :doh: The tip of the new one is smaller and a bit longer than the old one.
I am not sure if the IPR was in the wrong box cuz the # on the valve is 1832232C91 and the # On the box is 1878629C91.

A nother good one I learned is that the fuel filters for the van's and the trucks are different :doh::doh: so if you have a van I have a fuel filter kit # FD-4606 4C2Z-9N184-BA that I can make U a hell of deal on

same for the IPR if that fits the newer 6.0 :confused: and any one is intrested let me know

Ya I still need a good IPR for a 03 6.0:doh: so if U got one or the # drop me a line
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