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New member, looking for a little advice.
I recently picked up an 05 F250 CCSB body and interior are in rough shape. I want to shorten the frame and body swap a bump side or dent side 67-79 f100 body on it. I’ll probably graft part of the 05 firewall and floor to clear the trans and maintain the hydroboost and the like. But I want the f100 dash and maybe Dakota digital or other aftermarket cluster, and possible a CTS monitor but overall I don’t want the 05 gauges. I know I’ll need the 05 pedal assembly, and pcm. I don’t want to talk about the merits of the 6.0 or it’s value/problems, I’ve had a few, have an EX now and I actually like them.
I’ve also done a few LS swap, making the harnesses and mounts myself, but the same resources don’t seem to exist for ford diesels.

My questions are;

1) I know warren diesel makes a wiring harness. But Do I need to maintain a BCM?
Does the warren harness What runs the ABS and everything or so we just tune it out of the pcm.
2) for gauges I plan on running a gps Speedo, but how do I maintain the rest? Boost can be standalone, want to use the factory 05 fuel tank, where does fuel, tach and boost get their Signal? And CEL?
warren says GP can be run with a resistor and momentary switch which I’ll probably do.
-In my square body LS swap I was able to pull pins of the PCM for most of that save for the fuel(which was not applicable) I just can’t find the same resources for this project.
Thank you in advance
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