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hi all i am tryin to get to 500 hp but not over cause i do not want to do rods yet. so i will be using 240cc hybrids w/ 80% over nozzles and a stock
h2e. i was thinkin of a fuel system and just using one pump to kind of act as a limiting factor. how does this setup sound? thanks
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An 80% over nozzle sounds like high egts lotsa smoke and lil power.
thats funny my 200% over seem to do alright:poke::D

Talk to bean and see what he thinks you should do for nozzles. I prefer them on the larger side, but most have better luck with smaller sized to help control smoke and egt's. I really think with hybrids, h2e and single pump you'll be very close to 500 IF you have the tuning to go along with it.
ya mine are the .01175's
twin hpop pumps for sure, and whatever fuel system you do be sure that it holds the pressure at wot bad on injectors if it doesnt, modded H2, good tuning, and some hybrids with large nozzles you probably need a bigger intercooler though keeping that kind of power cool is hard with the stock 6.0ic

you dont need twin hpop's for 500;)
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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