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Thinking about selling my 50 acres I am asking 110,000$ OBO for it and may even let the tractor and loader stay.It's very good hunting almost solid woods that are very thick. There are two cedar thickets and an all season creek that runs through it. I have shot a few deer off it in the two years I owned it and missed the biggest deer of my life. No bucks have been taken but they should have been hunters mistakes or passed waiting for bigger deer. It has a single wide trailer that needs the plumbing fixed but it's a nice place to stay. It was has a 30X46 pole barn with a concrete floor, heat, water and electric. They are both just off the road so they don't effect the hunting. I have done lots of improvements since I bought it two years ago. It's a nice place in big deer country. I will post pics in a bit with some more info. Second pic from the bottom I passed at 30 yrds last year with a gun because I knew there bigger ones. I missed three days before with my bow. Opening day last year I had 21 deer come by 9 bucks just not the 170 I missed. The last picture the red dot is an 8X8 permanent stand 13'6" in the air. Green are food plots and burnt orange are the cedar thickets out lined.
Some pics from a rabbit hunt also shows how thick some of it is. (314)226-7146 Ben
Missouri Whitetails - 12-28-2010 Rabbits Galore (rabbit hunt) with Techteacher - Powered by XMB 1.9.11 ...
Missouri Whitetails - 50 acres near La Plata, (MO pics added) - Powered by XMB 1.9.11
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