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I am SLOWLY gathering parts and info for this. And learning as I go

So far I have.....
- a engine from an Oshkosh delivery van(VE pump and intercooled)
- a Ford ZF5 trans(and small block cummins adapter)
- Isuzu cab over I/C
- 3" Body lift for clearance
- Explorer 31 spline 8.8 rear axle(with disc brakes)

I also found the modules for the speedo and tach(need to order)
I think I still need......
- a 6bt manifold to cut down
- An 01-02 cummins auto truck turbo(a HY35)
- a A/C bracket from a medium duty Ford(or so I am told)
- Need to flip the oil pan
- changer governor spring
- a NP 205 t-case(or possibly a 208)
- need to make motor mounts

This will be my daily driver so I am looking to make apex 200-225hp
I want EVERYTHING to work(cruise, A/C, tach, etc) I do NOT want another me too cummins conversion
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