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Guys, I'm looking to possibly trade wheels and tires with a local guy, but need to find someone to pick up the Toyos he already has on them. They wont fit under my 4x2 very well, lol.

They are low mileage, and enough tread to cover the top of George W's head on a quarter. Seem to have normal wear, and would make someone a great set of tires.

I'm doing some shopping for the correct size tires to fit my truck with his wheels, and what I was gonna try and do is let the next interested party pick them up for whatever a set of hwy tires would cost me.

Does that sound fair? Mods, if this was the incorrect way to do this, feel free to lemme know, and I'll fix it.

Tires are located in Starkville MS.


EDIT: These are Open Country A/T's
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