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Need help and guidance finding an issue I been chasing since Dec. 2019
Truck has a defined vibration mainly in floorboard and somewhat in steering wheel and seat.
Yesterday I made a 350-375mi round trip to pick up trailer and back. On way back with trailer the vibration 10x worse when pulling empty trailer.
Have taken truck to 3 different dealers in past they “can’t find issue.” Blame it on my tires. I have gotten tires rebalanced road forced etc. I thought it was my drag link based on a little popping inside joint...apparently that’s normal.
I have Carli 2.5” commuter kit with trac bar and Carli steering stabilizer. Idk why I have play in steering wheel and a little bit of bump steer.
For the vibration to increase so violently when towing empty trailer idk if the pulling force/weight in rear means something as small as a not round tire, bent rim, bad wheel bearing, ball joints or as big as unbalanced driveshaft or trans.
Truck is a 2019 with 48k miles. Trans does shift very smooth.
Pleeeeeease help me like my truck again.
Tired of chasing this issue
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