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I have been doing a small test concerning fuel efficiency. I have only recently began using a fuel additive (Diesel Kleen) within the last 1000 to 1500 miles. I plan on switching to Opti-Lube Summer and XL

1st photo is while driving at 70 mph on flat ground holding 23 mpg. This has not been verified manually.

2nd photo shows a 19.4 mpg avg over 681.1 miles (shown in the 3rd photo). This includes back and forth to work (mild city driving) and hwy driving.

4th photo shows a 16 mpg avg over 6154.4 miles (shown in the 5th photo). This includes the 681.1 miles mentioned above. This includes approximately 1242 miles towing a 7000 lbs trailer through the Appalachian Mtns. And approximately 400 miles towing the same trailer over relatively flat ground along the hwy. I averaged about 11 to 12 mpgs towing.

I am pleased with these numbers and wonder if I can expect these over the life of the vehicle. Though I am not terribly concerned about the mpgs I will continue to post more info because it seems interesting.

Hopefully the photos are clear.


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