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I am buying a '12 250 that is completely stock other than lift.
I know the trouble had with the 6.0 and after 325k trouble free miles from my Dmax I have an opportunity to buy this newer truck. 110k miles on this completely stock truck.
I am a fan of what Mobile Diesel Solutions in Atlanta (my area) has done on a friend's 6.0 but costly.
With my Dmax it was simple, delete egr, delete dpf, get a tune on the EFI Live and away I go.
I see needing multiple tuners, Stacking (whatever that is), twin turbo issues, and many many many tuners and whatnot. Very hard to follow what to do with a 6.7 powerstroke.

Some advice on how to get this done:
1.Delete EGR cooler completely, not block it, delete it.
2.Delete all parts associated with the DPF and need for a fluid tank.If there is a PCV routed to turbo, how to re-route?
3.Any other items needed on these 6.7's?
4.A good tuner, prefer a custom tune, with selectable settings?
5.Is the turbo a variable degree or fixed? Can a tune be set up to use the turbo as a brake? like I have in the DMAX.

I am looking for some added power, and gain a lot of MPG, really looking for 40-50% gain in MPG, pulling a little trailer at 75 averaging 11-12mpg sucks. should be at 14-16 IMO

Any advice on these trucks would be great. I am nervous about the switch but excited to see what it can do!

Thanks in advance for any and all input!
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