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This is going to be a lengthy message so please be patient with me. I have done as much as I know how to do and really need some more help! I will try to explain exactly what happened and what I have done to diagnose / fix it

My vehicle: 2011 F350 with the 6.7L diesel. The EGR and DPF have been deleted and it has an H&S Mini Maxx Tuner

Fault and Symptoms:

1st time the check engine light came on, there were no symptoms but a P0193 code populated
2nd time it came on (about a month later) there was a hiccup during start but the truck ran normally
3rd time it came on (a couple weeks later) the truck died as I came to a stop sign. I took it to get the code checked again and the P0193 was the only code that populated
I was able to get it home but now it has progressively gotten worse and will barely run

Utilizing my H&S tuner, I am able to pull up the Fuel Pressure and when the truck runs at idle it is sitting at approximately 5-6k psi at idle. When the truck starts acting up, the pressure will dip slightly but then will sporadically spike to 31.6k and then back down to 5-6k and then immediately back up to 31.6k. It is kind of hard to explain but it spikes very quickly and right back down. It appears to be an electrical fault of some sort due to the fact that it is not a linear increase in pressure but erratic jumps from normal psi to 31.6 and right back down. On the Mini Maxx screen it looks like little dots all over the screen but mainly at idle and at 31.6.

Attempts made to alleviate the issue:

1st attempt was to change the fuel rail pressure sensor. The first one I changed was part number bc3z-9s599-c. This is the sensor that is on the high pressure fuel line that. Along with changing that part, I inspected all of the wiring that I could see and everything looked good. There was also no smell of rat poop or pee as I thought maybe something chewed through a wire. I also changed the connector to the fuel pressure sensor just in case it wasn't connecting well.

2nd attempt was to change the fuel rail pressure sensor on the driver side fuel rail, part number BC3Z-9F838-A.

3rd attempt was to change the fuel control valve solenoid, part number BC3Z-9J307-A. In doing this, I had to take off the upper and lower intake manifolds so when everything was off, I inspected the wiring more closely and everything still looked good.

4th attempt was to change the fuel pressure regulator on the driver side fuel rail part number BC3Z-9C968-A.

5th attempt I tried disconnecting the Mini Maxx from the OBD to see if maybe my Mini Maxx was sending some sort of faulty signal. I also left the batteries disconnected for a full 12 hours.

All of this to no avail and I still have a dead truck. I was unable to find a whole lot of info on this issue so I have taken a bunch of videos and pictures that I will be posting to youtube to hopefully help anyone else out with replacing these items but I am at a loss. Any advice? Thank you soooo much for even taking the time to read this post!
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