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Good morning,
Been struggling with my truck this winter. I know one key factor here but still getting surprised daily. Let me start off with my truck has a 20” light bar on relay control from high beam circuit and an old western plow harness that is relay controlled not module. I know the harness isn’t ideal but i bought it and the plow setup from another 2011 owner and didn’t know better at that time. I had my bcm turn of turn signals after sending too much voltage (all halogen lights), so i knew it was an issue.

Currently ***
-Changed out halogen headlights to LED, left headlight only will lightly flicker with left turn signal on.
  • fog lights when on work fine, but before the led lights, they were kicking off the left low beam. and turning them off somehow is engaging my light bar which is only on high beam circuit and aux 2 for power. I seem to only have that issue when plow is attached.
  • just last night, my backup camera will flicker when in use if i touch the fog lights, and when i turn off the truck, pull key out, interior lights come on as they should, door opening kills accessory power as it should, if i lock the truck the head unit turns on completely and interior lights and a lit but blank dash screen turns on...

I am going to switch to the proper module controlled harness but sounds like there’s more going on to me. I have to re scan the truck but i didn’t have any bcm codes or faults after led lights were installed. I had a corroded negative on my light bar which caused my headlights to go out entirely when switching to high beams. I fixed this issue and more just adds up. I may have a turn signal issue on passenger side from when i had the wire tapped for the plow but still can’t explain the rest. any input will help.

Truck is a 2011 f350 lariat 4x4 srw short bed
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