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2007 Lariat won't come out of park

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2007 F-350 Lariat-
Having a problem with getting it out of park when the engine is running. I know about the trick to start in neutral, then all is "well" (until you put it back into park). I recently replaced the shift tube bushings, and unfortunately that's when the problems began. So thinking I might have broke something in the interlock solenoid, I changed it out as well; but that did not help matters at all. I'm going to try the brake switch fix and see if that changes things.

Could the new bushings have caused some misalignment problems with the shift tube?

Can the park interlock be disconnected and the vehicle still be drive-able?

Thanks for the help.
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Well it looks like it was the brake switch. I replaced it and the issue was resolved. It just seemed like too much coincidence for the interlock to stop working when all I did was to change out the bushings. Oh well, problem solved.
Coincidences cause a lot of people to overlook the obvious. This is why proper diagnostics are necessary. Might not have been in your case, but sooooo many people "can't believe" that this is coincidence and toss out the obvious and/or advice they're given.
Glad you got it fixed.
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