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2005 F350 lift pump??

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I have a 05 f350, it currently just has a SCT livewire tuner with a custom street tune from innovative diesel. I was debating on doing a lift pump but curious as to if it would be worth it giving it has stock injectors and all. And if it is worth what brand and size would work best.

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There's several options out there. I think it's more of what are you willing to spend. I've been using an Airdog 100 and a sump for years now and it's a great setup.
So even with stock injectors it would still make a difference? And I've heard decent things about Air Dog and a life time warranty with them. And size wise would a 100 GPH be best with my set up?
Are you planning on a bigger set up in the future?
Eventually, cant be spending a whole hell of a lot being i have tools for schooling to purchase and tuition. Ha but yes eventually
save your coin and keep your truck dependable
Put a fuel gauge in the system and see what it is now doing!
Thanks for all the replies appreciate it
Put a fuel gauge in the system and see what it is now doing!
Good plan I know I like just glancing at the gauge and knowing my filters are good and my fuel psi is fine at WOT
I have no set standard fuel filter change interval. I use my gauge. I have gone as little as 5,000 miles and as far as 30,000.
that's what I should do
i do mine too much every 15k the only time i ever had ugly filters was after a trip to Oregon from AZ and back those were black but didn't effect flow i just changed them
because after the trip because of all the iffy fuel stops i made i was worried about the water barrier on the lower element being saturated
sounds good guys! thanks for all the tips.. its nice to actually get answers and help versus people giving you sh*t about your truck lol much appreciated
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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