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112k miles, Drove the truck into my garage. Had pretty bad stiction until warm, and Oil cooler was bad (35 degree delta). Didn't have an egr cooler, so it didn't rupture, and headgaskets are good.

This would be great to freshen up and throw in, or replace the oil cooler and run it as it is. VERY clean engine inside and out. For the asking price you get the longblock with intake, valvecovers, front cover, LPOP, rear bedplate, balancer, oil pan, and oil/fuel filter housings. No injectors or HPOP included.

This engine is VERY VERY clean. It looks like it did when It was assembled. I also have another 2004 that is best used as a core as it suffered a cracked injector that melted #8 piston. That is a shortblock.

I am negotiable, and am open to trades!

Will gladly part either engine out, so if you need anything, just ask! NO FICM, INJECTORS, OR HPOP!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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