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The xr100 has been the most reliable bike I've ever owned. It isn't the prettiest, it's missing the front number plate and has had the plastic replaced. Front forks have BBR springs in them, rear spring is stock but I have the BBR spring that I'll throw in with it. Duck tape on the seat to keep water out. Indestructible, reliable and easy to maintain. Has new sprockets, breaks, chain, handlebars and tires.

The crf70 has seen much less use than the 100. It was purchased at I90 Motorsports back in 2005 and is almost brand new. My younger brother just never got into riding like I did. It still has the original hand grips and tires on it. I've have replaced the breaks once. Runs perfectly except for a sticky throttle cable which I have on order and will replace before sale.

Have two sets of riding gear minus helmets for 12 year old and 14 year old that I will throw in as well.

$750 for the xr100 and $650 for the crf70.

$1200 for both together along with all the riding gear.

I'm located in Carnation, Washington and will deliver within 20 miles. Contact at 425-281-8483

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