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2003 6.0 no start

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i have a 2003 f250 6.0 155k about a month ago I could go out in the morning start the truck, it would start right up and run great. shut the truck off about a half hour later would not start again until the engine was cold, unless a little starter fluid was used. drove it for about a week like this changed the injector orings made no difference still no start when hot unless starter fluid used. truck sat over night got in it started it took off got a mile down the road just died, will turn over strong but no start even with starter fluid. it will fire up for just a second with starter fluid but that's it. Ive done hpop cover gasket, intake manifold gaskets, oil rail or the fuel rail orings that you need the special tool for, all injector orings. Just looking for some info on what to do next on a budget and trying to eliminate things I really don't want to take it to the dealer and have them tell me its the pump thanks for your time
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Pull the IPR and check to see if the screen is torn. Buy the torque app pro and the elm327 obdii adapter and watch the hpop pressure. Sounds like no/low hpop pressure.
I've pulled it checked and cleaned the ipr I've also unplugged the ipc and didn't make a difference I've also scanned it withy sct tuner and no codes come up but that's just a tuner not a scan tool
It is almost certainly a leak in the HPO system. I don't think that model has the STC fitting but I'm not sure. An air test of the system would tell the tale, and give you an idea of the general location of the problem.
Now if I brought it to the dealer to do the air leak test are they going to be able to find it and if not will they be able to tell if it's the oil pump
That all is dependant on the dealership/technician.
Chances are you will get the shotgun approach... throw enough parts at it and something will fix it. Just saying.
I've thrown parts at it new crank and cam sensors all o rings I can think of is there any way to rule out the pump it self with out taking it to a dealer and if I did the air test my self will it still hold pressure if the pumps bad?
Yes it will hold pressure. You'll need a to build a fitting that will screw into the hole where your ICP sensor is with a air hose fitting on the other end. Search for the write up on PSN concerning applying power to the IPR to command it closed. Or use a scan tool capable of actuation commands. It take a little time but it beats the heck out of throwing parts. You may be able to see a dealer and ask for the air test and to be present when its done so you can see for yourself what's going on. That'll be dependant on your relationship with the shop management.
i took the ipc sensor to a hydrolic hose shop got a fitting put it to an air gauge and applied pressure held it for five strait minutes didn't hold any air no pressure built up, so if my pump was bad would it leak out threw that or if it builds no pressure does that mean I have a real bad oring some where
It's not that simple. You have to command the IPR to close in order to insure that the system is closed. Otherwise it will leak back through the pump. When you're doing the test the object is to listen for and determine what general area you hear the air escaping, by that location you can assume what the leaking component is. FYI Ford recommends not exceeding 100psi of air on the oil system. There's threads on this site with in depth instructions and details about the air test, I suggest you read up on it.
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