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Anyone looking for a decent starter truck, this one wasn't too bad. Just out of my brother-in-law's price range. It looks like the only thing the previous owner did was lift, rims, tires, gears and an interior change to a newer year. 170,000 miles and motor appears bone stock. Perdels were
3.5% on 8
.5% to 1% on 1.
0 on the rest.

From the test drive I can say it has an up pipe leak, needs the ICP replaced, carrier bearing needs replaced, and the front sway bar end links need replaced. Driver's side brake caliper is sticky so id look into that, it stuck on the test drive. It's not worth $14k, maybe $10k because of the lift and newish set of tires. They've had it for sale for 6 months now and have issues getting people approved for financing. Bring cash and they may part with it for lower.

I just put about roughly an hour worth of my time into checking it out, figure someone else may benefit from it.

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