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Hey folks, my 2002 7.3 excursion died on the highway the other day. she sounded like she ran out of fuel. i tried getting her going but killed the battery. got towed home and charged her up. Ive gone over all the fuses, unplugged ICP, checked fuel (cracked the filter and it came pouring out, going to port in a pressure gauge tomorrow), new fuel filter, new battery's, changed cam sensor, looked over the wiring no visible damage. I got a buddy over 2 days ago to put a scanner on it only things that came up were for the exhaust back pressure control valve, and continuous memory. also ICP was out of range (2200psi)
Im curious if the IPR could get stuck open and cause a no start?
grasping at straws now
i did get it started this morning for about 5-10 seconds, cranked for 3-4 seconds and fired up but she sounded awful rough and didn't wanna go again.
tomorrow I'm going to
-change the oil (only 3-4000km but cant hurt)
-port fuel pressure gauge
-try to port s gauge in the IPC
-try a second cam sensor

any other suggestions?
she sounds like she really wants to go turns over like a champ
I really don't have $ to pay a mechanic, i typically do all my own work on mechanical stuff, im a little iffy on the electrical stuff
any help would be much appreciated
thanks in advance!!

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So whole cranking the icp pressure was 2200? What was the ipr%?

Google superduty diagnosis on the cheap. There is a good thread on on how to use forscan and the torque app. You need to monitor it while cranking.

What's your fuel level? If its below 1/4 tank. Toss in 5 more gallons.
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