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Ok I loaded a 14k backhoe on a 6k trailer and well tranny vomited all across the yard after a 10 mile trip ( thank god it made it home).
needless to say i am about to go in and rebuild it myself. I have been doing a lot of research on what all needs to be done up to bob wood specs but I dont have a machine shop or lathes or tig welder etc.

Who makes a reputable kit that includes everything I would need to handle 500 hp even though I am only at *maybe* 400 with a ts 6 position chip and other small mods. I would rather way overdo the trans to tow well.
I do not know if ts 6 position ups the line pressure or not.

I have pm rods but if something ever does fail on this engine I will of course be upgrading so preparation is key.
I have found a couple of stage 4 rebuild kits that claim 5-600 hp but none of the better hard parts or machined and welded parts.

links are great and I appreciate any help
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