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Hello Everyone, I am new to Powerstroke Nation and am hoping somebody can shed some light on this issue that my truck has been having for quite some time now.

The truck has 312,000 Miles and always starts fine with a little bit of blue / white smoke for a couple mins, then clears up. Idles smooth. Revs up smooth W/O any load.
The issue I have been having when driving is that it seems when the accelerator pedal is in a particular position the truck seems to hiccup / stumble / hesitate, whatever you want to call it. When this is going on the HPOP pressure seems to drop off by 300- 500 psi then quickly return to normal, usually between 2000 - 2500 psi (according to my autometer gauge that is wired to the ICP signal wire),. The problem never occurs under light throttle, or heavy throttle ( if I give her a bit more or less throttle when it happens the problem goes away) It is most noticeable going up hill, if im pulling a trailer going up hill and I hold the throttle in that particular area it feels almost like a horse trying to buck me off, but again, if I ease off the throttle a bit or give it a little bit more, it goes away.
Heres a list of what has been tested / replaced

-Up pipes replaced
-HPOP replaced
-IPR replaced
-throttle pedal assembly / sensor replaced
-ICP sensor replaced
  • I unplugged the MAP, and the EBP sensors - Issue persists
  • Injectors buzz tested - OK
just wondering what you all think could be the root of this problem and if anyone has any recommendations of what to try next.
Thanks in advance!
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