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This is from my bend craigslist add

2001 ford f350
7.3 turbo diesel, 4” exhaust, afe intake, newer water pump, radiator, hoses, alternator, batteries, oil cooler was resealed, bilstien 5100 at all four corners, trans was rebuilt by previous owner, must drive to appreciate.

Clean title, in my name, in my hand.

2008 black leather interior,
2010 black leather front console, aftermarket dual din headunit that works with no issues but could be updated to a CarPlay/apple play unit.
two 10” subs and amp behind back seats. amp research fold out running running boards that function perfectly sometimes, and irraticly other times.
2010+aftermarket power mirrors, power functions work, blinkers in mirrors are not hooked up.
Has goose neck ball in bed belive its a reese hide a ball, has stock 2” receiver hitch below bumper. Has a nameless trailer break contoller that is progressive and works really well.
The truck has torklift camper tiedowns that I installed and work awesome for a 5k lb camper, if hauling a camper over 5k I would recommend installing bags as the springs arent up for much more than 5k.

Over all the truck is in really nice condition for a 21 year old truck, it has been well maintained and well cared for, she runs and drives as it should, transmission shifts are crisp and strong, motor runs very strong and starts up no problems, zero drivability issues, all needs are truly cosmetic.

Price dosent include tires, or the freight-liner logo alcoas the tires are mounted on, but the price does include a similar set listed below.
The wheels and tires shown on the truck are brand new 255 70 22.5 sumitomo 908 drive tires, these are 16 ply semi tires mounted on freightliner 22.5 logo alcoas.

This combo was very common predating the 19.5 wheel package options. like anything else in this great country, There are those that like this set up and those that dont. The weight capacity of the wheels and tires will far exceed the 8k capacity of the rear axel, the rear wheels and tires alone are rated for upwards of 28,000 lbs load capacity, talk about a safety factor. Believe it or dont, The ride is as good as a stock ford, which is not claiming much, but it suprises everone that rides/drives it.

This specific truck has been running this tire and wheel set up since 2005ish, and i just recently replaced the rubber (to the tune of about 3k) new rubber will probably outlast this truck, at least 100k or 10 years. for the asking price i will mount up a set of almost new steer tires and about worn out drive tires that are mounted on 22.5 pete wheels.
(The last two pictures will be the tires/wheels included)

If you would like the truck with the tires and wheels as shown the price is 16,500

Please feel free to ask any questions you have and i will do my best to answer, this truck is not going to win any races, empty or towing, but it is a reliable 7.3 that will get you where you need to go, and it will tow what you need to tow, as long as your not in a hurry to get there.

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So bit confused on what wheels/tires would come with it at what price. What exactly is "shown"? Is that the new rubber you elude to? You say for asking price you will mount up worn out tires, but the only price I see is what you say is shown? Very confusing. How much for the truck, as it sits, with the new rubber you put on?
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