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Hey guys, i have owned this current f250 2000 psd auto with 3.73 gears, lift gate and headache rack reg cab for a little over a year. It was one of our old work trucks, so its 100% stock no alterations for performance all those years.

So. I added a superchips box about a year ago, and thats it for the performance.

It rides on 235/85/16 factory steel wheels and tire pressure at 45psi to make it ride nice and soft, lots of pot holes here in kansas city.

Well, since our hours were cut back, and the wallet is getting thinner, ive really been easy on the pedal since christmas. I just wanted to give a run down on the truck and the actual MILES driven since the weather is getting nicer out.

Back in feb, i was able to drive 500 miles before the low fuel light came on, in march i was able to drive 625 miles before the light comes on, and on this last tank in april i was able to drive over 715 miles before the low light came on.
The last 2 tanks, i fill up for about 10 minutes, making sure its actually topppppped off... as in no foam and the fuel is all the way to the top right where the cap screws on, normally about 36 gallons, i was told its a 38 gallon tank.

Well, tank before this one, its worst was 17.8 and best was 19.8 ..... as in, when i fill the truck up, my visa card stops at 75.00 and i drop in some ceatane additive and 911 while the foam is going down, then enter my card again and slowly start to add more fuel, once its at the top, there is absolutely no more going in the tank.

This last tank, the best would have been at the first click of 33 gallons getting 21.97 mpg, and then 7 minutes later i was able to squeeze 3.5 more gallons to the tip of the fill neck. Best of 22 mpg and worst of 19.8 mpg the truck is on the upswing of things. Basically 20mpg combined city and highway, driving 25 miles one way to work, but stop and go.

I drive city for 2 miles, and fight traffic for a few miles, flatten out at 54mph on the highway, and stop and go working 8am to 4pm getting to work and coming home from work is the highest traffic times here.

I am normally the slow guy driving double nickel in the slow lane....

Well, my ultimate goal is to see if i can make it longer than 4 weeks, 725 plus miles per fill up, and see if i can get more than 22 on the next tank fill.

Its a beater truck, i was thinking of newer headlights for less drag, taping all the seams, and getting rear synthetic rear fluid and trans fluid. Building a ramp above the roof to get air above the headache rack, and trying to drop 500 lbs off the truck to increase mileage.

I do enjoy this, read alot that Dave Whitmer has done with his truck.

I would like to start dabbing into propane injection for more mpg, not for more horsepower, but pushing some propane into the truck when its in boost for more mpg... Natural gas would be nice, but i can get propane easier, maybe propane and a meth/water to keep the exhaust valves from heating up too much.

Mileage above was towing a 24' enclosed trailer a few times on each tank, but i never really get after it, i want my MPG :)

What are your honest thoughts what i can do to get 2-3??? more mpg? Im not looking to set a record, if i can get more mpg then thats better than buying this geo metro here on craigslist i was thinking of getting.

Id rather drive this truck, the AC works too good in the summer

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I thought of getting some exhaust, but the factory stainless is hard to beat for longevity, i do have 4 inch dp but waiting to see where my mpg falls flat first.... plus i dont want to piss off the neighbors with loud exhaust.

I do have a few muscle cars, my neighbors already hate me enough for cars.

Iron- would like to take it for a all out highway test to see the mpg, aint no chit this truck would get 25mpg at 55. Definitely abused in its life and everything is nice and loose.

If you keep you foot out, they do get good mpg, its currently getting better mileage than my 02 cummins 4x4 that is currently parked.


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the whole keeping your foot out of it thing surely works. I personaly have a hard time with that....... but it does work. Got to thinking about it.... I use to average 560 miles per fill up. That was 60 miles each way with light to medium traffic. Your doing way better than i did.
I was thinking of selling it, i was looking for a metro or festiva to drive daily.

This truck does well, i hope to get more mpg when the construction lets up, if i can squeek 25 mpg i will keep it and not even deal with the 60mpg cars.

Keep your foot out of it and it baby it, ive actually thought of getting a smaller fuel tank so i did have to drive around with 40 gallons of fuel, sooner fill ups i would think it would get better mpg's....

Its not all about mpg, its about mpg and the cost in upkeep for this truck, if i shucked a trans in a metro, then i might as well toss it.
If i shucked a trans in this ford, then it would be even more money because id drop a inline 6 into it.

Mpg is nice, but might as well toss out the money saved when everyone here drives like a bat out of hell and drives 80mph.

Take it easy guys

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