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2 stroke oil

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Who's running it?

I have been and my truck starts way smoother and quieter, injector tap is very quiet, and I get about 2MPG out of it.

I recommended it to diezel dawg and he had similar results, right around 2mpg.

Who else is running it? :fordoval:
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needs to be ashless 2 stroke oil, usually marine is ashless

I use the super tech stuff at walmart, like 8 bucks a gallon.
Yep, it's good stuff. I'll be using it from now on. Gonna experiment with some other stuff soon, but this is working great now.

low freeze point, serves as anti gel
better than trans fluid, designed to burn where trans fluid is not
lubricates injectors for long life and troublefree operation
increases fuel mileage due to added lubricity and btu content
lubricates and protects entire fuel system.
better than most fuel additives because they are mainly Xylene or Mineral Spirits, yuck!

One thing alot of folks may not know is that with the introduction of ULSD, the minimum lubricity standard changed (lowered). The process of removing sulfur from the fuel strips away lubricants. In order to even meet this new, lower standard, refiner's created an additive pack that is put into your fuel by the delivery driver!

Here is an awesome link that explains it more in detail and better than I can.
Take the time to read, very worth it! Dodge/Tips & Tricks/2 cycle oil/2_cycle_oil.htm

I'm gonna try to get him over here....
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I don't know what 2 stroke motor oil is... :shrug:

I use 2 stroke oil you mix what gas.
I dont have an overhead display.

diezel dawg and I both hand calculated filling to the top with liquid diesel every time.

Our findings only reiterate what a lot of other users have found with 2 stroke oil for a while.

Check out the MSDS on Stanadyne performance. Looks more like a harsh solvent than a lubricant.
so i need outboard premix (no ash/gumming type) and mix 1oz per gallon right?
That's right!
We weren't sunday drivin neither!
Not at all. It's dark dark bluish green.

Trans fluid would look like dyed fuel, not 2 stroke. I've mixed it with a small amount of diesel and it just makes it darker. 1oz/gallon will hardly change the color.
I try to run 2 stroke oil every tank.

You get this crappy new fuel every tank.
It'll take about 50-75 miles to really notice any difference.

Mine isn't much quiter at idle/crusing. But the injector tap is gone and cold start ups are way smoother.
Anybody know any reason "not" to try this on a Duramax? I have a co worker desperately trying to increase mpg on his lb7.
Garrett, lb7 is non emissions right? Tell him to go for it.
You have a manual. I've seen manuals average way better than autos.
There's a lot of data on the website I referenced on the first page.

I feel as long as you're getting a clean burn you're fine.

The reason to run it every tank is because of the quality you get. (crap)

A friend has to change fuel filters every 4000 miles with this new fuel in his semi. (crap)
Anybody here been running the 2 stroke for some time now. Post above me got me woundering too about long term.
The guy on the website I referenced has been doing it for a LONG time.

I have been at it for a couple months and I'm not stopping.

I love my injectors :D
Usually when I fill up. I do keep some on hand and if I put in say half a tank I'll put in 2 stroke.

I have skipped it several times when I just throw a few bucks in, but try to be religious.
It's just a tad over 2$/qt. 8.xx per gallon.
I got the same funnel DZ :rockwoot:
I would say there's no need. I used to run Power Service too til I found out what was in it.

More paint thinner than lube. I would just ditch the PS all together and try 2 stroke.

Give it a shot and see what you think.
I like the cetane boost though. lol
Ricer :lame:
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