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2 Gauge Instrument Bezel

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Does anyone have one of these autometer instrument bezels that hold 2 gauges for 99-03 trucks and fit over the instrument area? I have HPOP and fuel pressure gauges coming and am thinking this might work. I am wondering how it looks and fits? I already have 3 on the A pillar. If this bezel fits well I am thinking it will keep all my gauges within eye view. ?????
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Fits fine so long as your dash does not jump out at the top... Some do, and I cant tell you what ones... Its hit or miss....
Ok, some Pic's would help... If your dash jumps out like the first two pic's it will not work... Again I cant figure what years or models had that dash as I see some XL's with it, some XLT's, some limited... It makes no sense...


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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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