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1999 Ford F-350 SD 4x4 7.3 Powerstroke 6 Speed Manual Trans 179k miles $11,000 obo located in Hartford, CT


If you’re looking for a work truck, this is the one. Done in the past 3 months

Oil and filter change (Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend)
Starter Replacement
Alternator Replacement
Glow Plug/Starter Solenoids
HPOP Lines
Block Heater
4 wheel alignment

huge mound of receipts of work done on this truck from the past years. I just drove this thing to Boston two weeks ago doing 75 no problem at all. Glow plugs were done somewhat recently. Truck starts right up. Tires are like new. Frame is in amazing shape for its age. Does have a tune on it. Clutch was done a few years back and let’s out early as it should.

Yes, it will need an oil pan eventually. It has a rust bubble. I fill up about a quart every month. I’ll give you the rest of the 2.5 gallon t5 Rotella that I have.
It will also need parking brake shoes. Cosmetically it needs some love too. $11,000 obo


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