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I am selling my truck. I just don't need it and i want someone else to be able to enjoy it. I have loved driving it but I just don't drive it enough to keep it around. It needs 2 u-joints for the front drive shaft for the 4 wheel drive.
It runs great and gets around 15-18 mpg on the highway. i have not had any problems out of the truck since i replaced all of the parts listed.
The truck is not perfect but i believe its in pretty good shape.
It has quite a few highway miles. I lived out of town and commuted alot.
It has about 419,000 miles. Don't let the miles scare you. It runs and drive great. Ac blows cold.
I am asking $6000 OBO
i will neg.
i will add pics soon

New parts
2 batteries
set of glow plugs
8 injector cups
8 injectors
front end has been rebuilt
heater core
ac components

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good looking truck with a good price. just kinda set on a 6spd. good luck on the sell
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