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Hi. I'm selling my beloved 1997 f350 after 17 years of ownership. It has 343,000 miles. It is a southern truck, but the body is starting to get a little rough. The paint is basically shot. She leaks a little oil from the usual places and recently developed a power steering fluid leak. Interior is holding up but getting rough. Rear passenger power window doesn't work or rear driver side power lock. That's the bad; Now the good. She has been modified with the following: 3 Guage A pillar pod with trans temp, boost, and exhaust temp guages; 3 inch down pipe and full free flow exhaust system; 238/80 injectors; H-11 studs; Comp 912 valve springs; 6 position tuner with Gearhead tunes; Banks intercooler; Stealth 1.1 HPOP; BTS transmission (45,000 miles on it) and a Gear Vendor Overdrive (15,000 miles on it). This truck put down 412 hp and 700 lbs ft torques to the rear wheels.. I recently took this truck on a 7,000 mile camping adventure to Colorado and points west. With the gear vendor, I got as high as 21.8 mpg at 55 mph. It gets 16 mpg at 70 mph. On a different trip to Colorado, I got 12 mpg towing a 35' Airstream. Tires are Hankook all terrains with 15,000 or so miles on 'em. They have plenty of tread life left. I'm asking $10,000 negotiable.
Truck is in Palm Bay Florida.

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