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1997 F250hd 4x4 rear lift question(s)

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Forum newbie here. I have a 1997 F250hd 4x4 7.3L. I had a reverse shackle kit installed on the front. That raised the front 2 inches. Now I want to raise the rear about an inch to level the truck. What are my options?
The stock rear suspension has stock 3+1 leaf springs and OEM 2" lift block. I've considered getting a 3" lift block. I understand lift blocks aren't the most popular solution. If I go with a lift block, do I need the bump stop tang? Or will the suspension now be tall enough that the bump stop tang would be a waste of money?
I don't really want to add a leaf. I feel like that will stiffen the ride even more.
I read a post somewhere, and can't find it again to re-read it, that suggested something about grinding off the bolts on either the front or rear spring mount, drilling new holes in the frame, and relocating the spring mount. Which spring mount, front or rear? How much lower would I mount it for a 1 inch lift?
Thanks for your help.
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I’m assuming you have done a dana 60 swap along with the RSK? I did exactly the same on my 97 f250HD. Before doing the RSK the Dana 60 swap leveled my truck leaving the stock f250 rear blocks. Once I did the RSK the front came up 2”. To level the truck I swapped the rear blocks with stock f350 blocks. They are taller than the stock f250 rear blocks and it made the truck sit perfectly level. I would recommend doing the same. I can get you the block part numbers if you need them. Shouldn’t be hard to find.
I didn't do the front axle swap. I think the F350 blocks are 4" and will be taller than I want to go. Thanks for the offer, though. Nice truck BTW.
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