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Located in Putnam County NY

It has a home-made Rack Body on it. If you don't like/want/need the bed I would be willing to take it off and sell the truck for $2K (in that case it could not safely be driven away because it would not have rear lights, but I wouldn't stop you).

4x4, 207K, 5 speed manual (originally auto).
Starts & runs good, Leaks a tiny bit of fuel. Has a few issues here and there (listed below), but nothing that keeps it from being driven. I've simply dealt with them because I'm too lazy/busy to fix them but if you know what you're doing you could fix them all in a weekend or two. If you don't consider them minor issues then this truck probably isn't for you.

About the truck:

-Second owner, both non-smokers.
  • Truck was never a work truck or plow truck. I use it to commute 14 miles to work (and back) and get firewood, home improvement projects, etc. I think the previous owner had a camper that he towed occasionally because it's got a hookup for trailer lights and a brake controller.
  • Rebuilt manual 5 speed transmission (ZF5) installed at 160K (bought in 6/2014, installed in 3/2015)
  • New front fuel tank installed Dec 2018, fully undercoated before install
  • New rear tank (fully undercoated) installed Dec 2017
  • Pressure treated custom rack body installed Dec 2017
  • Rebuilt alternator installed in the last few years (can't remember date)
  • Front diff rebuilt 1/2017
  • Heavy springs installed 4/2015
  • Rear Timbrens installed 4/2015
  • New Brake vacuum booster, Master cylinder, Vacuum pump, Serpentine belt, Front brake Calipers and Rear ABS module installed all within the last few months. (Also brakes fully bled)
  • Good tread remaining on front tires
  • Oil pan replaced when I first got the truck in late 2012
  • Bed measures over 8X6 feet inside (4 ft tall)
Known issues:
  • Needs struts
  • Spotty synchros on the downshift into second. (If you're going less than 15 MPH when downshifting it's not an issue)
  • Intermittent drivers side window (bad/dirty switch?)
  • Windshield fluid squirter dribbles out (bad pump? clogged line?, idk)
  • There's an aluminum housing that the Drive selector lever fits into. it's tight and corroded, so you can get into 2H, 4H and N but it's designed to be pushed down in order to get into 4L and it doesn't push down. I've never needed 4L so it hasn't been a problem. You couldgrind down the gate so you don't have to push down, or replace the housing. If you disconnect the linkage from the transfer case to this housing you can get under the truck and shift the transfer case into 4L. But again, I've never needed it so just haven't bothered to fix it.
  • Rear section of E-brake cable frozen (front moves fine).
  • Needs Rear Tires
The final two things, as far as I know, are the only things that would prevent it from passing a NYS inspection.

- It's a 22 year old truck from the northeast so it's got rust. The worst of it is on the driver side in front of the door (shown in pics) and on the bottom of the passenger side door (not shown). The frame is worst near the front shackle of the rear passenger side leaf spring (I've attached a photo of this spot) I've considered cutting out a section of the frame there and replacing it.

Google Drive folder with photos . Lemme know if the link isn't working for you and I can find some other way to share the photos with you. More photos available upon request
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