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Hello all,

Some time back I made a post to ask about why my son's 1997 PSD every now and then seemed like it defueled and the turbo would not work (or maybe just barely). Some good suggestions back the I am sure, but I didn't find my original post. Since then we have de-activated the EBPV (disconnected from solenoid and wired open), added electronic fule, new injectors, etc. The truck still acts up like this once in awhile and the only thing to do is restart, or sometimes if you drive long enough the de-fueling feeling will go away. It actually sort of acts like a governor kicks in, that is how it feels.

Any more suggestions?

Second issue: on occasion the brake light will come on and if in cruise the cruise will shut off. First time that happened didn't know what the heck was going on! I have read on here this could be one of 3 things (1) e-brake sensor or brake itself (checked), (2) something with vacuum (recently replaced the vacuum pump), or (3) something to do with brake fluid sensor. Problem is I don't know how to check the last two. Any help here is appreciated as well.

I anyone has a good Dana 60 front axle on the cheap, let me know that as well!!

Thanks in advance.
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