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1997 Crew Cab, 5-speed

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Just took to settle a debt, 1997 Crew Cab, 4X4, 5-speed and 260k. Needs a bed and other minor rust problems. Any info on pros and cons of this truck, would be greatly appreciated. 1st diesel. Thanks
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Why is the bed so lopsided? Is the frame twisted? Or am I just not seeing the passenger side rear tire on a stump or something

1995 F250 ECLB SRW 170,000 miles on new BTS Tranny, Dana 60 with spicer parts, 3.5" PMF RSK, V Code Front springs B Code Rear sitting on 35 Inch Kelly safari tsr's, 3.5" dp to 4"Duals straight piped MBRP 6inch black tips, PHP Hydra Chip, Glowshift Quad pillar gauges With Egt Tranny Pyro and fuel pressure gauges, AFE Stage 2 intake, Cb Classic radio, Rhino Lined bed, Roll up Bed Cover, Overhead visor, Rosewood Premium Stage 2s, D66 turbo, Custom overhead in cab shelves and Sun glass holders. ATS Exhaust brake that's for sale.
As I said needs a bed, hopin to have it off this week.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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