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1997 CCSB ZF5, Rosewood injectors

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Rosewood 160/80 injectors w/ gearhead tuning to run them, no cores needed $1300 -bought these last June.
Recently rebuild ZF5 w/ valair clutch $1100
7.3L lots of new parts, everything included except the injectors $700
Rust Free CCSB body, bed, interior, everything included minus motor and trans $3500

My local zip code is 49931, shipping is extra, prices are obo however I think I'm pretty close on them.

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How much for shifter, clutch/brake pedal assembly. Clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder? Also tailgate what's the condition?
everything is sold.
Glad you sold it as a whole
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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