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1995 psd jerks then dies while driving

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My truck is a 95 f250 5 speed with ts chip, afe intake and 4 inch exhaust and recently the truck started jerking while driving and then it would die. I took out the fuel filter to check it and it was pretty dirty so I changed it. That seemed to fix the problem for a day then it started doing it again. When it did it the second time I say the tachometer move erratically so it made me think it was the cps so I replaced it which also seemed to fix it for about 100 or so miles but is now doing it again. Any suggestions?
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Try another cam sensor from FORD and check the cps pigtail. Mine basically did the same thing , I guess I got a few bad cps from ford.
The first thing to do is to pull the chip and see what happens.

Ford or International only for the CPS.
Alright thanks guys, I'll pull the chip and see if that helps then if not I'll get another cps from Ford
I put the chip in the stock position and made it home (even though that was only a mile down the road). Kinda leaning towards it being the chip.
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