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Just curious what I should sell my truck for. I’d rather see someone use and drive it instead of it sitting in my driveway.

1995 Ford F-350 XLT
180k miles

-Fox Resi coilover 2.5 front and rear
-Fox shocks in front also
-dual fox steering stabilizer
-2015 Ford F-250 seats with 2016 Ram 2500 jump seat/ console...all wrapped in black leather. Black suede headliner and sun shades with matching door trim. Completely black interior
-Alpined ouble din touch screen head unit with wireless CarPlay in a custom made dash mount
-24 inch Alcoa wheels that have been shaved to accept a regular 24” tire. They were also milled for the custom design.
-6 brand new 40x13.5R24 Fury tires (maybe 500 miles on them)
-custom Horn plate with 8 train horns from HornBlasters: removed rear fuel tank and replaced with the horn plate
-Fusion Offroad front bumper with 4 Heise LED light pods.
-Rockford Fosgate component door speakers powered by Rockford Fosgate amp. Amp has a custom built amp rack.
-retrofitted projector headlights
-axles are out of a 2006 F350
-all BRAND NEW axle components, new hubs, wheel and oil seals, ball joints, drag link, inner and outer tie rod ends, etc. everything has been 100% rebuilt.
-RYD custom transmission crossmember
-Stryker rear axle 4 link mounts
-the truck was put on frame stands and the lift was built on the truck and then powdercoated and then put back on the truck.

-S364.5 T4 turbo
-205/30 Injectors
-Efuel system
-Stage 3 south bend clutch
-transmission was fully rebuilt with new synchros, seals, and bearings.
-PSP diesel polished aluminum coolant tank
-PSP diesel polished aluminum washer fluid reservoir
Truck has alot of power. It’ll hit almost 50 lbs of boost


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Your problem is going to be that you have taken away the usefulness of a dual wheel drive truck by modding it like you have. So you are going to have a very limited market for it. I doubt that even a dealer would give you half of what you think that it is worth with the mods.

So unless you find someone that wants a truck just like you have yours done don't expect very much.
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