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I have decided its time for a new tow rig. I have dropped $15K into this truck in the last year. It is BUILT and ready to tow whatever you want. I am sure I will leave a ton of stuff out, but here are some cliff notes:

1994.5 F350 2wd, 7.3L, 5spd manual, 187K miles. This is a Powerstroke truck. It was the first year offered.

The truck has a new $3100 paint job on it. Its a dark grey metallic and looks great. The paint job was done right. the bed was pulled and painted behind the cab, door jams, under hood, etc. It also has newly tinted windows. New cab clearance LED lights. They are smoked to match the paint.

Geared with 4.10s,
All the following work done in the last year:
Stage 1 injectors installed at 173K. Truck has 187K on it now
Just installed Wicked Wheel 2 and 1.0 Beans turbo exhaust housing. Fully rebuilt the turbo
3" Downpipe and 4" Diamond Eye Exhaust
7.3L intercooler installed
3-in-1 Guage. Boost, EGTs, fuel pressure
I just pulled the motor and resealed everything on it to get it ready to sell.
New Motorcraft glow plugs
New Terminator Engineering T-500 HPOP (high pressure oil pump)
New Glow plug relay
New engine block heater
New Viton o-rings in the rebuilt oil cooler
New custom built bellowed up-pipes (no more up-pipe leaks)
New exhaust studs and manifold gaskets
Freshly rebuilt fuel bowl
New fuel pump
New powersteering pump
New vacuum pump
New Water pump
New radiator
New radiator hoses
Valair Clutch has 10K on it. (rated at 400hp/900ft.lbs of torque
Tranny shifts perfect. with no noise.
100 Gallon transfer tank
Rear tool box in bed.
New HID projector headlights. They throw epic light and are great for long haul towing.
2005 F250 front seats
Stereo is a flip out Pioneer AVH-6500BT DVD player with Ipod control. Kicker speakers in each door and a 10" sub and amp behind the seat. The stereo sounds EXCELLENT.

Truck has a Power Hungry Performance Hydra chip in it. It has been tuned for 10 settings on the tuner.
80hp Economy
100hp performance
120hp race
140hp Extreme
40hp Heavy tow
60hp Medium tow
80hp light tow
1100 rpm high idle
Whisper mode(for drive thrus)

This truck hauls *** both towing and unloaded, although I am a grown man, and don't hot rod it around. The 1.0 exhaust housing has no turbo lag at all. You have immediate power from the turbo just off idle and it will pull strong all the way to 3000rpms. I have never dyno'ed it, but I estimate the HP to be between 375-400hp and 750-850ft/lbs of torque. When I tow, I never have EGT issues, and rarely have to shift out of 5th gear on any grade. Under 10K on the *** will pull I-70 over the continental divide at 65mph in 5th gear at only 1100 degrees. That is a 7% grade at 12,000ft in elevation.

I have used this truck to haul my 30ft 5th wheel around the country. I have also tandem towed behind that and the truck has been great, but its time to upgrade to a new truck at this point.

Truck has 5th wheel rails in the bed, but I am keeping the hitch itself. It comes with a rear Class V hitch as well.

Basically, this truck is brand new. Its starts in the cold, and its a great truck. I am losing my butt on this truck with all the money I have put into it, but again, its time for a new truck.

$12,000 FIRM. Look at the parts list and all the maintenance that has been done to this truck. Its ready for another 200K easily pull whatever you throw at it.

Located in Windsor, CO


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