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12V plus Allison

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Greg you blow up your psd?? :confused: You sure seem to be putting a lot of thought into a possible venture to the dark side :poke:
Yeah the common rail is nice, I will swap one into my wife's '02 if it ever wears out, it is at 202k now so about five more years...........

Oh and this 12v you found would need about 2k in pump mods to be equal to a 215hp pump from a 94-98 manual trans motor. Even though the 215 pump has retard notches on the plungers they are still 12mm plungers, but as long as you don't overtravel the rack the notches are not a problem. Pitre (Dart505) is close to 900hp on fuel and H2O with just some lcd's and governor springs on his 12v.

Oh yeah, I think the seller is GTS, or a hotwheels wannabe?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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