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First off looking for local buyers only. I don't want to ship this.

12.5" Icon/One Up Offroad Lift kit for a 2001 Ford Superduty. There is about 15,000 mile on this kit. This includes everything EXCEPT a high steer knuckle, a clocking ring for the transfer case, and a driveline drop. I can get those if anyone is interested.

This is what I paid brand new a couple years ago without any shipping.
- Icon 12.5" lift kit - 3,285.00
- One Up Offroad Traction Blocks - 1,363.93
- Attitude Performance Transmission Crossmember - 299.00
- Icon's Signature Series Reservoir Shocks - 796.00

About $5,700 total. To do it right you will need to pick up one of those clocking rings (~$275ish), a One Up Offroad Driveline drop (~175ish), and a high steer knuckle ($??). You may even need to have your rear driveline lengthened. You also are going to need to buy some brake lines.

Here are the technical specifications off

Icon Vehicle Dynamics 12.5 Inch Lift System - 2000-2004 F250/F350 4wd - To clear big tires with out severe body work and cutting you need a large amount of lift. This 12.5" System not only gives you clearance to run a 42" tall tire, but it rides like ICON's 8" system! Instead of using a huge thick leaf springs with a large amount of arc, this system uses ICON's progressive rated 8" front springs with a 4.5" hanger system to give you lift you want with the performance and ride quality you need. This system comes complete with a cross-over steering kit and large box kit with an adjustable track bar to give you optimum steering geometry so this truck steers like its stock!

Note: Lift application shocks (not included) are required for installation.

Technical Specs
Cast Cross-Over Knuckle (Not Included)
Billet Aluminum Adjustable Track Bar
Front and Rear Progressive Spring Packs
BEST Ride Quality on the Market
Lifetime guarantee that leaf springs won't sag
Clears 42" Tall Tires
100% Bolt-on system - no drilling,cutting or welding necessary for install
Made in the USA
System Contains
3-8000 - 8" Front Springs with U-bolts
3-8500 - 8" Rear Springs with U-bolts
19-5275 - 5" Fabricated Lift Blocks w/ Built in Bump Stop (Removed this and went with One Up Offroad traction block/bar setup with 3/4" u-bolts)
3-1030 - Large Box Kit w/ Adjustable Track Bar
3-4099 - 4.5" Hanger Kit

3-7002 - Rear U-bolt Kit
3-9500 - Cross Over Steering Kit (Missing High Steer Knuckle)

Looking for 3,000 or best offer. This is as good of a ride you can get with a leaf spring lift of this size. This truck road as good as stock. I upgraded to the signature series shocks with reservoirs. The One Up Offroad Traction blocks do not effect the ride at all and ensure no axle wrap and puts the power to the ground. You can't get a traction bar/block set up as good as these. You may need to pick up some miscellaneous bolts and hardware for the install.

Came off this truck.


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ill be second on the bars if you decide to part it out.

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hey Steve if you still need it by the time I get home I'll get ya ahold of that crossover knuckle I've got and make your kit complete for ya...maybe it'll sell easier.


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I will be letting you know very shortly. Truck goes in the shop Monday because my EGR went out. Headstuds and EGR delete.

If that wouldn't have happened, I would have bought this from you TODAY... CASH.
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