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Not setting the world on fire, but finally found some time to go to the track and try to get this thing dialed in.

Videos first (for those of you that don't care about the details):

Outside View:

In-Cab View:

The last few times out we have been messing with using the PCS D200 Data Loggers "boost control" function to manage the gate on the high pressure charger. The problem with this is that the system wasn't developed for compound chargers, so the highest target you can set is 80psi, and while 80psi(+) is what we want, we wanted to start opening the gate earlier to reduce backpressure and light the atmosphere charger. The error correction algorithms just couldn't deal with the severe "overshoot" of the programmed target boost and it would go crazy trying to correct something that didn't need to be corrected.

This time, we changed the programming for the wastegate solenoid to a manually programmed table (based on RPM and Boost). No error correction, just simple "if at this RPM and this Boost, do this". The truck ran a best ever pass right off the trailer and the craziness with gate control that we've been fighting was nowhere to be seen (yay!).

Throughout the day, with shock changes and minor gate programming changes, we managed to coax an 11.72 @ 115.5 out of the truck. The atmosphere charger only made 23psi (about 10-12psi lower than desired) and the manifold pressure only reached 82psi on that run. In looking at the datalogs, it's looking like we've got a mechanical issue with the gate on the atmosphere charger, as EVERY SINGLE PASS was at 23psi, no matter what we did with the regulator on that gate. I've either got a faulty regulator or a faulty gate. I'm betting that getting that figured out will help resolve the remaining boost issues we're chasing and let me switch my focus more to the fuel side and suspension tuning.

We're very happy with the progress, we've finally managed to get things to move in a distinctly positive direction. The truck was very consistent (can't say the same for the driver...I managed to mess up a few times).

11.82 @ 115.5 - shocks same as last 50 runs
11.83 @ 115.7 - shocks same as last 50 runs
11.72 @ 115.5 - shock adjustment based on video footage + 22psi launch
11.88 @ 116.0 - additional shock adjustment - lousy 12psi launch
11.85 @ 115.5 - no changes - tires balled up on launch
11.94 @ 115.6 - tire pressure increased due to previous run - spun tires hard on launch

ALL of these runs are using the foot brake for staging, which is proving to be challenging in a 2WD...but we've got plans for fixing that (if I ever find the time).

More to come...
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