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108 mph/30 mph headwind-Do the Math

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It's dead in here...let's spice it up a little. Charles? We need your calculator of a mind to step in here and tell the tale. How fast could I have gone?:gun:

Turn up the sound to get the true effect.

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Try 140+ blowing by an 800hp Dodge with Lott and Nate trying to find places to hang on with Imelmo right behind me in his's a good thing we were drunk cause I'd have never done that sober. :hehe:
That was after....when he hit his rev limiter. LOL
I'm not above a ricer fly by. :hehe:

It was a construction zone wasn't it Danny? I forgot about that....remind me next time that's a bad idea. :hehe:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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