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1000 ft/lbs

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Ok so I have a 1000 ft/lbs goal for my truck. I know I'm going to have to spend some money to get this done, and I'm willing to spend it. The idea of having a truck that puts out a solid 1000ft/lbs at the wheels is just something that I really want to do. What I wanted to know is what are your opinions on the mods I need to do to make this goal a reality. I also still want my truck to be reliable and still be able to tow, so I know a lot of tranny work will also be involved. Any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thank you guys in advance.
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Build for horsepower. Torque happens. You know you have a lot of torque, when you start breaking things.

I agree, lets move this to smack.
Read CSIPSD's post right above yours. H2E or better to get there.
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